66 years young. Still Bitchin’ and Moanin’

Indian Flag It was not my intention to write a blog entry about India, but this is as good a day as any.

Sixty six years ago to this day, India gained her Independence from the British. I was not born then, but my parents were, and people of my parent’e generation moved from Pakistan to India. People moved from Pakistan to India, and in the happiness of the birth of a new nation – two actually – many, many people lost their lives, their past, their fortunes. All that they carried with them when they went to their new homes, many of them carried just their memories, and their hopes and dreams of a new life in their new homes.

Nehru’s speech at that moment of the birth of my home country is one of the most amazing and moving speeches that I have ever heard in my life. The link to the You Tube video is copied below, for those who want to see it, and I hope it works!

When I read about the history of post-Independence India, I wonder if the dream of those who came to India at that time, or the dream of our founding fathers has dimmed somewhat.

Now, we all know about the tales of greed, corruption, and forgotten promises. It is easy to focus on the shitty political leaders that we have, and forget that we have an obligation to our own country.

This morning, when I went down to host the flag, there were remarkably few people at the site to hoist the flag. I don’t know how many of us were watching Manmohan Singh give his speech, or how many of us were watching TV or playing on our video games. This is a day when we should stand up and be proud of being Indians, but I feel that the spirit of nationalism in us is not as strong as it should be. This is something that needs to change.

The good thing, when I look at the protests against corruption, and poor & order, and shitty governance, is that Indians are beginning to wake up.

I think it is time we discovered our spirit of nationalism, and stand up for our own country.



  1. I think these things go in cycles but I also think that when you look at other countries India can be regarded as a success story. This is because despite all the problems I still see India following a model of law and democracy, however flawed (and what democracy is not flawed), and managing to avoid the worst of sectarian strife that we are seeing elsewhere in the world.

    But I admit I say this living in Britain and only reading what is portrayed in our media..

    1. Hi Alex
      Thanks. India does have a functioning democracy. This is true, and with all the tugs and strains that we have in India, that this functions at all is amazing. The fact is, that it functions quite well. We also have a lot of freedom of speech, and this is good.
      However, where we really lag behind is in law and order, particularly in crimes against women and children

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