The Leadership Journey – Blame God

Getup Get God
Getup Get God (Photo credit: prettywar-stl)



It was a day when the heavens broke loose, and decided to show us their stuff. Yet, when you analyze what happened that day, while it did rain a lot, it should not have drowned a city. Yet, Delhi and Gurgaon were flooded. The waters ran into houses, into the new airport, and all sorts of creatures from the Watery Hells seemed to have decided to pay us a visit.
Swimming CarWhen all was said and done, Delhi was flooded. Now, Delhi does not have that much water, and this would have been a great time to harvest some rain water, and to help assuage the poor water situation in Delhi.

When we have a drought, like we had a few years ago, we were faced with farmer suicides, and rising vegetable prices.

It is, of course, important to note that 30% of India’s grain rots every year. At these times, the leadership of the country found the one scapegoat whom no one can approach.


The droughts were ascribed to God, and the leaders were absolved of all responsibility.

This time around, despite the fact that the drains had not been de-silted, nor cleaned, and no arrangements have been made to harvest rain water, a culprit had to be found. A culprit who cannot be approached, and one who cannot take us to court for defamation.


This is neat. When you don’t want to accept responsibility, or accept accountability, then you must blame someone.

It is not important to find a solution.

It is not important to improve things, systems, the lot of people, or to make your area of responsibility better.

It is much more important to shift blame, and to cling to power.

When there is no blameworthy person whom you can find, then look deep into your heart. Look for that one entity to whom you can easily shift the responsibility, that one entity who can be deemed to be accountable for all that is wrong with the world.


Blame God.

Yes, and when you set this fine example, and you moan about the poor leaders that follow in your footsteps, then cry about the good times that were, about the fine state of leadership in your times, and find the one entity to whom you can shift the blame for all that is poor with the world.




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