The Introduction

Over the last thirty odd years or so, I have seen much of life in India, and in some other countries. 

I have worked in several organizations; in several industries; have met some wonderful people, and have met some terrible people.

During these years, I have learned much of life, and have gained lessons in leadership, management, change, marketing, managing people and much more.

I have learned from the humblest of people, and from some arrogant stiffs that I have met along the way.

Over the period of my life, I have allowed myself to dwell on issues, some of which have become dear to my heart. I have also flirted with several areas. The sum of all of these, has made me what I am.

We are but a summation of our experiences. The bell indeed tolls for thee, and it tolls for me as well. This is the one most important lesson that I have learned over this time. I have laughed with people, cried with them, raved and ranted. 

There are things that I would change about my life, but I love it. I have grown to love my country, and to appreciate it, despite the obvious shit that hits us in the face every day. 

So, this “blog” is a summation of my thoughts, opinions, impressions and much that I have learned over the years. 

Here goes…


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